Monday, 20 May 2013

Laptop cooling

Laptop cooling: Laptop cooling is a must if you don't want your laptop to die of overheating. A few number of people consider on how to cool their laptop at the time of purchasing it. Today's laptops pack in some serious processing capabilities, and yes the more powerfully your processor works at high load, the more heat it generates. There are two types of graphics, integrated and discrete. Discrete Graphics (Nvidia and AMD) used in gaming laptops for extreme performance tend to run hotter the longer you use them. The heating has to be minimized else you would end up overheating your laptop. Integrated runs less hotter comparatively, however if you use your laptop for long hours, you require cooling.

                                         Over heating
overheating laptop

                                              Even worst

Easy ways to keep your laptop cool :
1) Place your Laptop on a Table. 
( Avoid your bed as much as possible !)
It can be any regular table you have at home which doesn't  get heated. If you are willing to spend for added looks you can try these. This will not aid in entire cooling, but it will give your laptop some breathing space. The fancy table can be just another accessory, cooling pads will provide a good solution.
Basic laptop table

Laptop Table with cooling facility

2) Don't obstruct the Air vents.
The air vents provide inward and outward movement of air, to regulate the temperature and minimize the heat. Some laptops have air vents at the side, so you have to check accordingly as many manufacturers place their components differently. 



3) Use Laptop Cooling Pads:
If you use your laptop for gaming, it will max out the processing power, generate more heat, and for long hours cooling pads are recommended. They can well be used with non gaming laptops to ease the heating if you keep the laptop on for many hours.




Note: Make sure the placement of the air vents on your laptop and buy the cooling pad which correspond to it, else it would have no effect and be a waste if you get the wrong cooling pad for your laptop.

4) Use the Original Company recommended Laptop Battery:
Using a substandard battery can also heat the laptop or in worst case scenario risk an explosion and cause fire.

5) Clean The Air Vents, Heat-sinks & Fans: Get this done by a professional, or do it yourself if you have a manual to dismantle your laptop.
Note: Dismantling a laptop and putting it back together is a tedious process and proceed only if you know what you are doing.

Follow the above steps and you're ready to have a long lasting time with your beloved laptop.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Intel Core i5 3570K Review ( Temperature )

Intel Core i5 3570K Temperature Review at Stock conditions
            The Intel Core i5 3570K (3.40 GHz Turbo 3.80 GHz) is one of the best mid-high range processors which leaves behind the rest of the processors in the same class. There are quite a many people who believe that Core i5 Ivy Bridge architecture based 3570K processor runs a little hotter than the previous architecture Sandy Bridge processors. But that will be only taken into account if you want to overclock your Core i5 3570K for extreme performance.
But for High performance the 3570K can max out almost all the games you throw at it without even having to Overclock or go Turbo. Unless you are into video editing, or have multiple displays there is simply no need to overclock. Today most of the applications are optimized for using the GPU ( graphics card ) for video processing and rendering images.  
The 3570K has Intel HD 4000 integrated in it, which can run any game you throw at it on medium settings. 
* Click here for HD 4000 specs *.
Also the 3570K supports the latest PCI 3.0 technology.

I have kept everything Stock for this test:
- 3570K running @ 3.40 GHz
- Stock Intel CPU cooler

- Asus H77 - M, motherboard used.
- Intel HD 4000 GPU in use
- Cooler Master Elite 431 Plus Cabinet ( 2 x 120mm fans taking cool air in & 1 x 120mm, 2 x 80mm fans blowing hot air out).

* Once fitted, I have never taken my processor out to apply any thermal paste or an other compound, during cleaning just blowed the dust off the heat-sink using a blower.

* My Rig is close to 10 months old, it was totally worth waiting for the 3570K Ivy Bridge processor to assemble a new PC.

* Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool test has been Passed.  



The temperature of the room was between 25º - 30º C. 
CPU at load
Games played : Sleeping Dogs, Split Second, Nail'd, Metro 2033,  Fifa 13, & F1 2012.
all @ Medium HD 4000 Graphics settings & 1440 x 900 resolution.

Bottom line: The Intel 3570K runs flawlessly even at high load using Stock conditions like Intel's stock cooler and HD 4000 graphics without getting too hot.

Note: If you have any doubt about the functioning of your processor just run the " Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool " to get your doubts cleared.      

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Intel HD 4000 game compatibility !

Intel has finally given new hope for the light gamers, who want to experience the latest games without digging too deep in their pockets for their graphics. This goes down well for the people who are buying budget laptops. With the new 3rd Generation Core i series processors its now possible to play the latest games released in 2012 at medium settings very smoothly. Ive succeeded in playing Sleeping Dogs at HD resolution of 1280 x 720 on my HD 4000, being a very high demanding game and officially recommended to game using Nvidia's GTX 560 graphics card. Ive also played F1 2012 at a good resolution of 1440 x 900. There are countless other similar games from 2012 that work on HD 4000 but Ive selected these two because they are high demanding.

Some of the budget laptops that have Intel's HD 4000 graphics are:
Lenovo Essential G580            Price in Rs. 30059
Acer Aspire E1 571                  Price in Rs. 30099
Samsung NP300E5C-A09IN    Price in Rs. 31995
HP Pavilion G6-2101TU          Price in Rs. 32883
Dell Inspiron 15 DD2GN108   Price in Rs. 33960
Sony VAIO E15123CN            Price in Rs. 34053